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Cupsey Cakesy

Taking the cupcake craze to a whole new level, a quality product with an exquisite display and can take any drink and turn it into cupcake form! 


Some of our biggest sellers include our Red berry Ciroc Cupcake, Georgia Peach Ciroc Cupcake, Coconut Ciroc Cupcake and a Ciroc-It-To-me Cupcake that includes all the flavors. We also will take your cupcake taste buds to a new level with over 55 cupcake flavors like French Toast & Bacon, The "BLT" Cupcake, Salted Caramel Popcorn and Chicken & Waffle just to name a few.


We encourage you to come up with your own cupcake concoction. Let us know what you like and we will make a cupcake out of it!!!

Cake Frosting_edited.jpg
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